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    Engineering Center
    About The Center

    About The Center


    Center Introduction

    Jiangsu High-end Steroidal Drugs and Intermediates Engineering Technology Research Center (hereinafter referred to as: Engineering Center) was established in 2009, relying on Jiangsu Jiaerke Pharmaceuticals Group Corp., Ltd., mainly responsible for high-end steroid drugs in the steroid hormone industry And intermediate technology research and transformation promotion.

    Service Introduction

    ● According to the needs of the steroid industry and the market, on the basis of independent research and technology transfer, we will continuously carry out engineering research on scientific research results, and carry out technical and economic analysis and engineering design, consultation, and evaluation;
    ● Cultivate high-level engineering and technical personnel to provide information and consulting services for the development of industries, enterprises and related fields;
    ● Open services to the outside world, accept engineering and technological research and development, experimental projects and scientific and technological service projects entrusted by the government, enterprises, universities and scientific research institutions, and provide technical consulting services for the promotion of their results.

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